What We Offer 

 Whoever you are and whatever your English needs, we at Extra English can help you succeed.   We offer a wide range of courses to help you achieve your goals.  

'Thank you for all your help and support, you have been a really good teacher and I improved a lot with your lessons.' 
Lydia, Student, Spain 
Do you want to improve your General English skills? 
We use a communicative, student centred approach focussing on individual needs so our classes are small and our teachers are astute and experienced. Classes may include learning via correction and discussion of emergent language as learners try to express themselves in English (either spoken or written), via Listening / DVD / online material to build vocabulary and learn to decode fast spoken English (news / documentaries / published learning material) .  
Classes will also include grammar and vocabulary theory and exercise, role playing, debate and situational English (common expressions and everyday idioms), pronunciation and improvement of spoken English. We use a course book but like to supplement with extra material relevant to the individual interests or linguistic needs of the class. 
'With Extra English I feel I am really learning and get a lot of support from my teacher. This is helping me with my everyday life and work.' Juan, Argentina. 
Do you want to study for an officially recognised English language qualification? 
We are highly experienced in preparing students for a wide range of internationally recognised English Language Examinations. We specialise in all globally recognised examinations in the field: Cambridge University ESOL IELTS (General and Academic), the general exam suite: KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE. We also deliver the Cambridge Business English exam suite: BEC Preliminary, Vantage and Higher as well as Trinity College London exams. Our teachers have experience as authors or examiners in the field so know exactly what you need to pass. Pass rates are excellent for our exam preparation courses. This is because we test carefully to make sure that you are the right level to prepare for the exam you want to do. 
I was very unsure about whether I would be able to pass my Trinity exam but studying with Extra English really built my confidence. Their knowledge of the exam requirements meant my lessons were really focussed and I passed with a B grade. I am so happy! 
Roxana Begum, Bangladesh. 
Do you need to improve your Academic English to do better at university? /Do you need to write academic essays and dissertations? 
Many EXTRA ENGLISH staff also work at the University of Chester as Lecturers in Academic English so we are very aware of what is needed for Academic study in the UK. We can help with understanding essay question types, essay structure and style as well as grammar and vocabulary for academic writing. We can also develop your listening skills for lectures and conversational language for participating in tutorials and integrating into University life in the UK. 
To complement this, we offer a proofreading service. Details below. 
'The teachers at Extra English are very knowledgeable about what we need to succeed in our studies because they work at the University. They have really helped me to improve my grades.' 
Hanna Li, China. 
1 2 1 and SKYPE 
Do you want to study 1 to 1 or via Skype? 
Lessons offer a fast track, tailor-made and flexible way to improve your English. With no other students you have all the focus on you and the areas you need to work on. The teacher will give you a detailed needs analysis at the beginning of your course and use this to design a tailor made course. 1-1 classes offer great flexibility where we can fit around you and your busy lifestyle and commitments. Lessons can be at our classrooms or in your home or office. 
Skype classes can supplement these as are helpful if you travel or are returning to your country and want to continue lessons. We have many 1-1 classes via skype from students in the UK and abroad. 
‘I have a job where I travel a lot and my schedule is not fixed. Skype lessons have been so useful for me and the teachers have been very flexible. The teachers are really focussed on what I need’.  
Thalita Lorena, Brazil. 
The course provides a good variety 
We use a flexible, integrated dynamic approach to give you what you need. 
Lessons are usually 2 hours per week although some students choose to supplement this with a 1-1 class. Lessons are interesting, fun and engaging with teachers who know how to make learning enjoyable while focussing on learners needs and making sure they improve in all areas. 
We use a range of published and authentic materials in our general English classes and aim to fit the course programme to the needs and wants of the attendees in the class. 
Email us to book an initial assessment 
The course provides a good variety of topics, grammar and revision exercises. It is exciting and demanding, which I like.' 
Kathrin, Germany. 
'Just to inform you I 've just passed, thank you so much. You were right First Certificate was the right choice for me'. Milena Jakowics, Poland. 

We prepare students for the following exams: 

Cambridge First 

This exam is at the CEFR B2 level and it proves you have the language skills to live and work independently in an English-speaking country or study on courses taught in English. 

Cambridge Advanced 

This exam is at the CEFR C1 level and is an in-depth, high-level qualification that shows you have the language skills that employers and universities are looking for. 

Cambridge Proficiency 

This exam is at CEFR C2 level and is the highest level Cambridge English Language qualification. It shows that you have mastered English to an exceptional level. 

Cambridge IELTS 

(for those wishing to pursue academic study in the UK) (click on to jump to relevant info). We can also help you prepare for the general English module. 

Trinity GESE exams 

Trinity GESE exams (for those needing to fulfil Home Office regulations to acquire a visa)  

Cambridge BEC 

Cambridge BEC exams (Preliminary, Vantage and Higher for those who need English to operate in a business environment)  
We also prepare students for the Cambridge KET and PET examinations. Please ask for further details. 
'The teaching methods are very good. I feel very motivated.' Sandra, Portugal. 
'We do a lot of different activities in class and I never get bored.' Barbara, Italy. 
'Varied and challenging teaching methods.' Cecile, France. 
'Very attentive teachers. They provide a great service.' Ayse, Turkey. 
'I would recommend Extra English. The classes are interesting and really focus on what we need.' Julin, China 

 Contact us if you are interested in academic English or our proofreading service  

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